L’orto.it Celano (AQ) agricultural farm

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Our goal is to provide complete and satisfactory services in the agricultural sector: we start with searching for the best ways to market our products. We work with competence and professionalism.

Società Cooperativa l'Orto.it is continuing the work of the Gianni Fidanza farm, which began over 20 years ago. The farm has always been synonymous with quality, excellence and punctuality in the field of cultivation, processing and marketing of agricultural products.

L’orto.it produces vegetables such as carrots, fennel, radicchio, chicory, turnips, potatoes, onions and garlic. From cultivation to distribution, each phase of production is carried out with care and know-how. The produce itself has excellent organoleptic qualities, thanks to the properties of the land on which the farm operates.

L’orto.it brand is present and appreciated in the Italian and European markets because it is synonymous with high quality. Handed down through generations, love for the land, love for agricultural work, and respect for the environment and the consumer, are qualities that distinguish L’Orto.it as a leading national producer. If you want to find out about our products, and receive more information on the services provided by the cooperative, do not hesitate to contact us at +39 0863.793573. Alternatively, write to us at cooperativalorto@gmail.com. We will respond promptly to your requests.

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